About Me

Hey, I’m Cosette.

I’m an avid reader, fitness enthusiast, and learner of new things. I’m always looking for ways to optimize my lifestyle, whether it’s my health, career path, or anything in between.

I started school 3 years ago with the intent of being an investment banker after graduation. But after talking to people in the industry about their jobs, I quickly realized this was not the right path for me.

The next summer, I did an internship at an EdTech start up in New York City called Newsela. Here, I worked on the Community Team, where I served as the liaison between our users and the teams of the company. I found that I enjoyed projects with the Marketing crew. I liked analyzing conversion rates to identify what strategies were successful, but I loved coming up with new solutions to replace those that weren’t.

By the end of my 8 weeks there, I developed a short term and long term plan for the company to boost their conversion rates from free to pro subscriptions. I also helped automate their onboarding email campaigns to thousands of educators across the country before the school year began.

This experience, paired with networking in the marketing space, shifted my job search going forward.

Aside from all that, I’m currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon majoring in business and minoring in psychology.

Finally, here’s my resumeTwitter, and LinkedIn.