Cosette Esnes


I’m a UI/UX designer in New York City.

I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (May 2017) and began working as a technology consultant at Deloitte. After working there for a year, I realized my passion for designing effortless and engaging experiences in the digital world. I'm now seeking jobs that will allow me to do just that, with the help of strong mentors and hands-on experience.

Aside from design, I love to read, paint watercolor cards for my friends, explore cities through food and drink, and take pictures of my dog, Pepper.

Please feel free to reach out and drop me a line. I love connecting with like-minded people, and learning from my surroundings. 

I’m looking for UI/UX roles in Austin, TX, where I’ll be relocating in September 2018.


Working on: Freelance design projects & building my portfolio.

Reading: Census by Jesse Ball

Exploring: NYC dog parks with Pepper.

Drinking: I Love Lemon Tea, obsessively.

Excited About: Moving to Austin.